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My first 250 poems are all about various themes that have touched me.

217 Get Going

The best way to lead is by example, so remember to intervene with kindness and patience tiill the lessons are clear in the wrongdoer's mind.

Rhyme Scheme: Consecutive

217 Get Going, 3 May 2020, for Ali

Take time to come to terms with the loss, grief and rage
But humanity adapt and think ahead as we turn the page
A new chapter has begun, we've reached a new milestone
Learn quickly what you may, there plenty of work to be done

Use your fresh perspective before the zombie takes over
Remember the important lesson to care for one another
We can achieve a lot if we stop feeling boggled by it all
We've been flogged and now our ego feels rather small

Take the problems floating around, take them by the balls
Think hard, there's not much time before the curtain falls
Remember how the Turing machine won a war before
We need to fix problems before they broach the shore

So crack teams need to be assembled, guided by love
Knowledgeable of the ways that God guides from above
The best way is to lead by example so remember be kind
Intervene till the lesson's clear in the wrongdoer's mind

Take a look to study those who've erred on the path
What acts of kindness brought them back, do the math
Use the media to magnify the Random Acts of Kindness
Then we'll have the beginning of a way out of this mess


216 Dawn2 →

The poet and his loved one together discover their inner selvesand set an example to others what to treasure in humanity.


218 One →

One day I hope to understandwhat it is to be a father and also to take the loss of your near and dear ones and not be devastated.