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My first 250 poems are all about various themes that have touched me.

218 One

One day I hope to understandwhat it is to be a father and also to take the loss of your near and dear ones and not be devastated.

Rhyme Scheme: Consecutive

218 One, 7 May 2020, for Dad

One day I will smile again but that day is yet to come
One day papa, I will know how not to be bothersome
One day the grief will indeed wash over me in waves
One day, I hope I will find a way out of these caves

One day I will enjoy again music and hum a few bars
One day I will ride out on the roads, racing other cars
One day perhaps I will know what being a father means
One day I will understand the joy a dear child brings

One day maybe I will love again and bring a girl home
Alas on that day she will only see a name set in stone
One day maybe I will open my heart and let her see
That day, she will know just what you meant to me

One day I will be held accountable for causing you grief
One day I will plant a sapling and watch it sprout a leaf
One day perhaps I will think of you and not feel down
On that day, joy will animate me and I will not frown

One day my best friend will depart and join you up there
On that day again I will know deep sorrow, tear my hair
One day my mother will disappear and leave me behind
That day I will be fully alone, hope I don't lose my mind


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