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My first 250 poems are all about various themes that have touched me.

242 Soul2

Written on All Soul's Day after a visit to my father's grave. For grieving families everywhere.

Rhyme Scheme: Consecutive

242 Soul2 - 29 August 2020 - For grieving families

I smell the incense, follow the flickering of a candle
Was it only the other year your heart was stilled
It seems like another life in which we were together
Oh papa, what shall I do without you for tether?

I miss how we used to talk... sometimes even fight
Today is all soul's day - will you rest in heaven tonight?
Knowing that we came to remember your gentle ways
A lonely seafarer I am, without ship, walking on quays

The world goes on but to me it seems as if stopped
The day you departed, my life's journey hit a trough
I remembered now, us standing in the procession
Lamenting and beating our breasts for Imam Hussain

It's sad to know we cannot speak again in this life
I guess misunderstandings and friction is rather rife
It's sad to see silly differences separate parent and child
Have I messed up our relationship? Do I seem over mild?

I beg everyone reading this to be excellent to loved ones
Every day is a rebirth - a gift from the utmost heavens
Daddy, watch over me from up there, I grieve tonight
Say a prayer for me, I need courage to put up a fight


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