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My first 250 poems are all about various themes that have touched me.

241 Candles in the wind

Ramesh Jagtiani - A moving poem written when a friend's father passed away - a caring gentleman who was a source of delight to his friends and community

Rhyme Scheme: Consecutive

241 Candles in the wind - 28 Aug 2020 - For Ramesh S Jagtiani

Friendly and strict you were, and loved by one and all
A practical man impelling us to always have a ball
Good, clean fun, with an innate sense of responsibility
Is it already a year since leaving from our midst did thee?

Very young at heart you were - why leave us in our night?
Do you mean to come back and guide us with your light?
We treasured all your advice and admired your foresight
You lit many a candle, taught us to always burn bright

You were the best host, thinking much of those around
With you to show us the way - ah what joys we've found
As mentor and guide, your spirit will stay with us always
You gazed into many a soul, whipped off our every disguise

Lovable and caring, you looked leonine in full attire
I tearfully remember you lying there on funeral bier
You personified fortitude and sprouted forth justice
Level with your brethren, your guiding light we miss

Showing mercy in all dealings, you were equipollent
Enjoying a drink and gracious to all brethren present,
You were charitable and discrete, epitomizing excellence
Guide us from above, help us of this life to make sense

Brethren of Lodge Fortitude No 463


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