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Infused :: Inspired by and Infused to Love

My first 250 poems are all about various themes that have touched me.

40 Dwell

REG Ah, to be young and in love again... "methinks a partner is the best thing to keep - in sickness and in health, a spirit so deep - entrenched in your soul"

Rhyme Scheme: Consecutive

When I was in college a lovely girl I knew
For she took me to her bosom and our love grew
Into a thing so real and fierce that nothing could stand
In the way of our future together, little did i understand

That soon she would depart, leaving a hole in my life
That I could never cover, even today as I throw new dice
Hoping that fate would bring another to me as wondrous
And with a joie de vivre to match my own, generous

And loving towards all that this world can bring
An intimacy to share, ah love, a wonderful thing
Methinks a partner is the best thing to keep
In sickness and in health, a spirit so deep

Entrenched in your soul, making your joy complete
Etched in stone, to guide your hand and make life replete
And full of bliss that you experience when she looks at you
And draws you out to chase rainbows and clouds of every hue

Could we turn the clock back I think by now we know
That what we had was the best that life at us did throw
We keep in touch from time to time for the love we shared was true
I oft dwell on the time we shared and I still look for a strain of you


39 Striving →

As the poem ends, it makes you ponder "in striving we find we've grown, our hearts widening, - our minds reaching to the far galaxies glimmering".


41 Maa →

On the death of my grandmother Vasantha whom we used to call Maa.