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Infused :: Inspired by and Infused to Love

My first 250 poems are all about various themes that have touched me.

70 Fudge

Too much romance for one night. But the flow is coming better. Wait till you reach 2020 :)

Rhyme Scheme: Alternate

Let's fudge together she said causing him to come alive
Is this love he asked but that line nagged him back and said
Nah it must be just the idea of being in love, So live
And let the two ships pass on in the night. But she pled

Him that the moment and it's watery buzz could carry...
Carry them away on the wings of an Eagle. Thorondor's own
Child Tracey would be their muse that bade them not to tarry
And when they looked back my oh how the years had flown

He a little grayer. Oh how the starlight caused her to gasp
His firm hands at her waist. Let's make a night he said
As she thought of their first night together, it left her voice a rasp
She realized he'd always guessed her inmost desire and laid

His heart bare in a way that reached out and touched her soul
Touched with intimacy and burning as a beacon to her hungry arms
Arms where he found a haven, a lamp that made him whole
Pushing the limits of their insanity, joined at the bounds of their palms

And the fudge? Delights in cubicles of upto 3 minutes
A series of guided rejuvenations, form they did a throng
Filling their cups to overflow and then in buckets...
His last word to her was - thank you for believing in my song


69 When To Dream →

This ones awkward. I gotta stop writing romance for people I know!


71 Cosmic Shiva →

For the Indian Trinity - shivA, vishnU, Maheshwara (AUM). "To love our neighbours and set all lower tendencies aside - Burn our ignorance with the awakening of the Guru inside".