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Infused :: Inspired by and Infused to Love

My first 250 poems are all about various themes that have touched me.

205 Let go

I fel tender loving care for every last of earth creatureslet us all join togetherand be the world's teachers.

Rhyme Scheme: Consecutive

To let go of you is to let a part of me go too
I remember the good days, so seemingly few
Days I felt I could conquer with you at my side
Now that past is gone, I cannot turn the tide

Sorrow eats at me making me wish I wasn't alone
I pray for someone to hold, whose heart I can own
Own in a good way, who owns my heart in turn
Who'll light a candle in my night, stop my mind's churn

Come quickly to me, I pray to learn from my past
Come let's strive together, build a future to last
I've let go of my weakness of not living in the present
I wonder, are my best days behind me, am I truly spent?

I wont know unless I risk it all on a chance to love again
I've got to try, I'm fed up of being this shell of a man
I wonder sometimes is life worth living at all
Then I hear the birds chirping - a clarion call

To make the most of the moment and truly live in it
To look forward to loving each day, strive to be fit
For one never knows when love will come again
So love yourself, do your utmost to stay sane


The power is yours


206 Someone to watch over me →

"I'm glad you won me over as you stood the test of years... I now let go of my fears and grow up, enriched by my tears"