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Infused :: Inspired by and Infused to Love

My first 250 poems are all about various themes that have touched me.

46 For AFT

9 things I learned by loving (9 different women :). Written with a hope to leave the past in the past and look to the future...

Rhyme Scheme: Prose

In continuation to sara and atoms and in continued search of Tracey, lucky number 10.

I give thanks to thee for giving life purpose, direction, hope and joy...

To 1 for teaching me that you are never too young to learn to love and never too old to forget your first love.

To 2 for being the most kindred spirit I have ever known. Whose memory hasn't faded a shade. Who loves me because I am an innocent man. Us two always in Communion.

To 3 for being the best of what nature has to offer. How I wish we could start over. I can't go back 20 years but in another 20 mayhap ye shalt come abide in mine arms.

To A, my best friend through college who loved me for what I was and what I was capable of becoming. Whose memory lingers on but when you pass me by, I think I see a teardrop in the corner of your eye. Fool for saying no, but hey, no regrets.

To B for being there and helping me rethink my self worth. B for Brief. Oh how quickly those 14 months went by.

To C for melting at my touch. I do hope you find joy again. May the water come and carry us away.

To D for all those kisses and hugs. Cry I did the day in which from my midst you did depart.

To E for the time you did give me. Perhaps the gentlest and most patient of the lot. Ah when love is new, now and forever, under the bridges of Paris with you.

To F who made me feel young again. As a little boy setting out to win his dreams. The most joy I've known were in those moments snatched from those dark clouds that separate us. Who catalysed my final reanimation. The cutest of all the very many girls I don't know

To Tracey, finally someone to walk with, or on the shoulders of Boffin and Starlet. A lifetime beside you I pray for you to come fast.


45 Stormy →

Dedicated to Richard Bach, ispired by his character Stormy, who with her partner Strobe work to teach children by "Open[ing] their hearts to the glee of boundless flight - Supporting them so dearly with all of our might"


To Hold

47 To Hold →

Wedding Vows (as to be expected - there wasnt even a girl on the horizon when I wrote this :p)