Profile of Imran Ali Namazi


"I always say... A poem a day... Keeps the devil at bay"

So give it a try, I\'m here to help if I can.

Able to capture the feelings, pains, ruminations and the rays of hope for the treasured individuals I call "friends", I have come to realise that poems can be cathartic - they crystallize an emotion, help us put things in perspective and give us a reminder of a dream / path we are pursuing.

Some examples are:
* Heal
* Careworn

To see more, check out
* Impelled
* Ante Up

I am now trying to convince people who are feeling low and their friends/confidantes to have a joint dialogue with me and we watch as each of us gains strength for the talking and crystallize the emotion, perhaps even change the narrative a little.

I want to TALK TO YOU AND WRITE WITH YOU! Call me at 91-9566166880.

with much love
Imran Ali Namazi
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