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My first 250 poems are all about various themes that have touched me.

228 Closer


Rhyme Scheme: Consecutive

228 Closer - 15 Jun 2020 - For F incomplete

Darling, I want to spend eternity getting closer to you
You excite me, turn my day wonderful instead of blue
We still hardly know each other, but I do remember
The days we had - good times to savour in any weather

What fate has in store for us, I do not dare guess
How I'd love for you to put your head on my chest
Make love to me baby, let me kiss you most tenderly
Let's watch the sun set on a beach, spooning gently

Will you hold my hand and walk beside a river
I remember how you laugh in stormy weather
What will we find if we walked along a green glade?
I'd like to plant seeds together, digging with a spade

There's a tender part of me waiting for your touch
I cry gently when you kiss me - I love you so much
Hold me close, whisper a song of love softly in my ear
You make me feel complete when I'm with you dear

Many days have passed since we met so spiritedly
I love the way you lifted your arms and engulfed me
Darling, I want to spend eternity getting closer to you
Wont you, oh wont you turn my day from being blue!


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You fill the role of an honest ,insightful well-wisher,you 've helped me rethink my ideas so thy can last.


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for Countries torn apart