Impelled :: Healing Through Dialogue

From poem #251 - I try to move the reader even more and set out to heal through dialogue and words

Tracey K, 13 Jan 2021
Healing, Find that Fulcrum [and Push!]

291 Closer to Believing

Ah, the thrill of meeting a kindred spirit - "Did you grab the opportunities that came your way to express love... Did your heart sometimes expand and soar up to the skies above"

Rhyme Scheme: Consecutive

In one short evening you've brought me closer to believing
I wonder at your life so full of daring, sharing and utmost caring
You remind me of the line "tempus fugit" that time indeed flies
I hope that someday I too will be found to be sagacious and wise

It seems as a son and nephew I've been but failing my family
But you, you're a perfect parent, and you raised your kids wisely
I've a lot to learn from you, as I gather poise from your temper
In life we must be ready to do anything for those we hold dear

So tell me dear, what have you learnt from life's threshing floor
Have you done well in your choice of passing through each door
Did you grab the opportunities that came your way to express love
Did your heart sometimes expand and soar up to the skies above

As life looms large and uncertain, I hope you made your peace
And can deal with the world's vexations, we are just silly geese
We often forget to look out for one another we know not love
We've forgotten the dreams of our youth, why indeed we strove

But among the geese are eagles too that dare us to fly high
They bring us closer to believing and, in relief we utter a sigh
Goose or Eagle, this world is a wonderful place in which to be
Divinity everywhere, our hearts warming to know such as thee

Collection: fulcrum

Category: Healing


290 Heal The World →

Written for my mother as I come to terms with a grumpy past - "What we all need is a little more patience, understanding and love... We need to plant these as seeds and saplings in Mother Earth's grove"


292 Appa →

For my parents - "So fragile our dreams when we know not the way... Today, I am cleansed and freed of a self neglecting past"

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