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470 Rosebuds →

Dear Friend of mine, how the tomorrows stretched to infinity a scarce decade ago! You were right, my philosophies were all sterile and puerile, filled with a false Ego

463 Best →

Another important poem of self reflection as 2 dear friends bring me closer to believing - believing in myself.

461 Aishwarya →

For a newly met mother addressing her 6yo daughter.

450 Folks →

Reflecting on life in the company of two very dear friends.

396 Rejection →

For a friend's friend as we welcomed here into our warm and light hearted circle

364 Marble →

Random poem written when I was high to prove I could make anything rhyme

328 Licked →

Have faiththe game is not overyetand beg that deep within-your heart courageously holds sway.

Dear John

255 Dear John →

On the occasion of my friend John's birthday

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