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507 Dreams3 →

Another poem for Pat - a reminesce of how things were and some wistfulness.

501 Dammed Up →

About a long forgotten intimacy, the giving into dammed up feeling and the rekindling of an old spark.

453 Lost →

Another poem to Patricia, this one has me in an endless loop of memories.

428 Glee →

The sizzling romance continues - part 5

404 Us Two →

Writing with deep romantic feeling again after an age (Or rather, after Dec 1)

379 Times →

I'll let this cute line invite you to this poem - "I remember clarion clear your hands upon my cheek - clasping, as we set out to make Hermes and Aphrodite blush at our verse"

377 Pat →

Another fiercely romantic poem, I this, I say "Do come back and abide in these lonely arms that ache for your Touch"

375 Prettiest →

A sudden yearning for a girl I once knew and how maybe in an alternate lifetime we could have had a future

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