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2 Mumzy2 →

About a wonderful visit we had by a cat and her 3 kittens nearly 10 years ago

1 Mumzy1 →

My first "sit-down-and-write" essay with my mother, Uma. Its about her beloved son, me <3

397 Bayonet →

With pain, now gone, since I spoke about it and wrote Clarinet. Am almost mended now, though it caused much pain and anguish for many years. "I sincerely pray for peace for those warriors who wrest With life as her very future lies in the balance, now rest"

353 Uma →

Another realization with regret that I can be a better son / nephew instead of neglecting / being gruff and terse. Ends with an imperative to "drop what your doing and show family LOVE not fuss"

290 Heal The World →

Written for my mother as I come to terms with a grumpy past - "What we all need is a little more patience, understanding and love... We need to plant these as seeds and saplings in Mother Earth's grove"

Uma, 27 Sep 2020
Family, Ante Up [and kick in] | WORK: infused

248 Footsteps →

A touching poem about my mother and how I ask her to "Grant a poet his place in dreaming of tomorrow"

196 Mothers Love →

Me the apple of her eye,she certainly my tether.

Uma, 3 Jun 2017
Family, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

29 Inspire →

For my mother - "with her at my side, the battle of life to fight, saves me from danger, my anchor in any plight"

Uma, 31 Dec 2016
Family, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

10 Infants →

About babies and how they can soothe our hearts. For my mother Uma.

Uma, 12 Nov 2016
Family, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

6 Mother →

A tribute to mothers, especially mine - "lights that guide us through the dark".

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