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475 Work Is Worship →

For its is only when we reach for perfection that we become the game. And to play the game you must always surrender the outcome

469 Born To Run →

We should only be grateful for the road brought us here, through good times and bad, now come dance and thrive.

467 Strain Once Again →

Break the Chains that bind, prise open the cask's lid and strain once again, this time moving sure-footed and lightning fast.

Vichu, 31 Jul 2020
Family, Ante Up [and kick in] | WORK: infused

235 Time →

Touch and tasteeach feeling and I promise you'll find that life is worth living.

190 Pliable →

All i have to beis pliable at a well-wishers touch.

Vichu, 31 May 2019
Healing, Poetrusic by Chaos | WORK: infused

138 Vichu →

Hope time heals

Vichu, 9 May 2019
Grief, Poetrusic by Chaos | WORK: infused

130 Charmaine →

For a friend's mother - griefstruck her family was when she passed away in 2011

Vichu, 24 Jun 2018
Family, Spontaneous Love | WORK: infused

67 All My Loving →

Begins by addressing Tracey, a future love, but becomes an address for this friend I fell out with.

Vichu, 6 Jun 2018
Family, Spontaneous Love | WORK: infused

64 Angels →

On the strain in relationships. "Why do we lose so consistently - When there's angels among us - Seems everything weve ever known is here - I never wanted it to die". That last bit from GnR

Vichu, 6 Apr 2018
Family, Spontaneous Love | WORK: infused

56 Friends Oughtnt Fight →

When I fought with a dear friend and asked "[Is there] No setting aside our cloak of bitterness?- Can you find it in your heart to forgive? - This madness that is my despair confounded".

Vichu, 31 Dec 2016
Family, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

12 Brother →

For my dearest friend whom I see like a brother.

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