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Upbraiding the world for all it's selfishness and insouciance.

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Various wishes as I think of the big blue world and beg it to "wish on"

229 Bleed →

for Countries torn apart

207 Connected →

So verdant they are that my heart is set a tingling... I feel a love emanating for all of God's creation... The night sky and silvery moon sets me singing... With the smell of Earth and Nature, I feel an elation...

182 Dregs →

Its time to let go of the pastand come back to life

151 Cretins →

About people we shouldn't wanna emulate

World, 19 Aug 2018
Spirit, Spontaneous Love | WORK: infused

74 Promise →

Am slowly getting used to writing with words from other people. "Passion drives us - it's what makes the journey worth the while... Belief in oneself, trusting the outcome - even when we stumble".

World, 20 Jul 2018
Criminals, Spontaneous Love | WORK: infused

72 Miscreants →

On Rape (not the excessively brutal kind). After we are done judging each other, gouging the others eye out and breaking their spirit, there I stand, waiting with loving arms to embrace all of humanity. As Rumi said... Beyond the rightness and wrongness of things...

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