Infused :: Inspired by and Infused to Love

My first 250 poems are all about various themes that have touched me.

72 Miscreants

On Rape (not the excessively brutal kind). After we are done judging each other, gouging the others eye out and breaking their spirit, there I stand, waiting with loving arms to embrace all of humanity. As Rumi said... Beyond the rightness and wrongness of things...

Rhyme Scheme: Consecutive

In a world of misfits and miscreants, where is all the culture and courtesy
A bunch of goons, shorn of all we had, which started with basic human decency
I keep my pecker on a tight leash with no vent until I'm depraved
Lose control and find myself enmeshed, people wanting me spayed

Was it hormonal imbalances, a world that would never look out for me
Psychological battles with me the loser - was this always meant to be
Why the need to sensitize, weren't we always to keep doing that
In whetting our appetite did keeping decency going we conveniently forget

New waves of horror, tales from the dregs of the cess pool
Will noone stand and say tis only love can break any rule
In green lantern didn't we learn the lesson not to hate
our lowliest brothers, redeem then, close not their gate

Eye for an eye is known throughout the world for its stupidity
I believe in love conquering all, loving into eternity
Easy is it to say oh forget it all be friends again - forget the past too hard to bear...
If parents can forgive a daughter's murderer there's perhaps a lesson there

I don't mean to say stand back and let the dark forces win
Do your share to stop and rout out every last of a body's sin
On thinking back you may find it in your heart to say
Oh Father forgive them for knowing not the way


71 Cosmic Shiva →

For the Indian Trinity - shivA, vishnU, Maheshwara (AUM). "To love our neighbours and set all lower tendencies aside - Burn our ignorance with the awakening of the Guru inside".


73 Us not Them →

Me telling the tale of a couple - "Rebirth they found together, a baptism in holy rivers - Fair they made this world showing God's work amidst the diverse".