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Impelled :: Healing Through Dialogue

From poem #251 - I try to move the reader even more and set out to heal through dialogue and words

354 Dawn3

As a friend comes to a crossroads, my trying to give her courage and resolve. Happy to say shes already well on the mend.

Rhyme Scheme: Consecutive

Let it dawn upon you Dawn, that dawn's headed your way
It's only darkest just before, so let it's rays hold sway
As you waken from this nightmare that twice riddled you
Full of holes - now time to let thoughts of Baby Blue

Keep you on a straight path, I'm sorry it's sink or swim
Wish I knew what to say, to keep you from feeling grim
You need a cleanse from this toxicity, luckily I know a girl
Who heals with fragrant soaps, has our moods all a-twirl

She's young n full of heart, let it be known she's a healer
Could you find her for me, she used to be full of cheer
I thought of her today when I was faced with some steel
I miss her and the way she makes a wholesome meal

Keep her in sight, she's a little unsteady, so be gentle
She's strong, but lately has been known to crumble
Back to you sweetie, let's set right all your wrongs
The nightmare is over, now lets fill life with new songs

That nephew of mine will grow up to be a delight
Cant you feel it, along with this passing of your night
I was ready to perform the ceremony for you but for now
Lets pour our energies into finding ways for VZ to grow


353 Uma →

Another realization with regret that I can be a better son / nephew instead of neglecting / being gruff and terse. Ends with an imperative to "drop what your doing and show family LOVE not fuss"


355 Life2 →

To sum life up, I simply say "To know her pain is also to know her high - ya? So try to dig deep for her buried treasure"