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Impelled :: Healing Through Dialogue

From poem #251 - I try to move the reader even more and set out to heal through dialogue and words

289 Toys

Written in the horror of seeing a youngster playing shooting and killing games, I was reminded of the Robin Williams movie Toys

Rhyme Scheme: Consecutive

As mankind's saviour George Carlin said, we are a war like people
I believe that we need to tone down our language, exert our will
Stop making war games where the objective is to "frag" someone
Instead think of rainbows and unicorns *1, teach our children *2 wholesome fun

There's the three gunas *3 at play and not enough sattwa or illumination
I've had enough or war, seen too many nations bombed to utter destruction
How I would love to lead a revolution by pacifists and ahimsa *4 devotees
Will you fellows put down the guns - real and virtual too - oh pullleaze!

I saw that war being raged - it was a Robin Williams' movie *5 from the 90s
It spoke of a toy company being overrun by war mongering power-crazies
I don't know how to end this war that reduces us to sub-human standards
Sometimes we need to Turn the Page *6, stop destroying with bomb shards

I like Richard who rebuilt the universe *7 without malevolence
How Avedoi Merek brought back a civilization to its inner sense
There is no timeless philosophy that prescribes hate over love
Time we extended the olive branch and let loose the inner turtle dove

I courageously hope that we can put our bloody past behind us
That we can live in God's light, peace and love, stop making a fuss
For within the human heart is the divine spark of the creator
Time to fulfill destiny, overflow with joy and warm, tender banter

* 1 - Kenny Loggins song
* 2 - CSNY song
* 3 - EG - search gunas
* 4 - Ahimsa - Gandhi's philosophy of non-violence
* 5 - Toys -
* 6 - Poem -
* 7 - Curious Lives


288 Needs →

Same Group - "I swear to thee, this above all... We need to learn to stand tall... For this world needs giants again... People who serve with no thought for gain"


290 Heal The World →

Written for my mother as I come to terms with a grumpy past - "What we all need is a little more patience, understanding and love... We need to plant these as seeds and saplings in Mother Earth's grove"