Impelled :: Healing Through Dialogue

From poem #251 - I try to move the reader even more and set out to heal through dialogue and words

272 Desiderata

When a friend (Mustafa) caught me at an emotional moment.

Rhyme Scheme: Blank Verse

Dear humanity, open your heart to love before its too late
Help an old woman across the road no matter the cost
Think of your brother now estranged, accept the good
Run gaily in a park barefoot, give your feet air to breathe

Call your mother and weep over time lost, but do mend
Help stir her emotions instead of driving her over the bend
Think of loved ones lost then reach out to other's who've lost too
Dance to the movement of the stars and know joy in your heart

Shake like a leaf in tears when you think of moments in which
You failed to be your best self, caught up in some or other nonsense
We have the task of evolving to achieve so act from a direction of caring
Be bold with yourself, dream big and then go out and do it

We've precious little time so dont cry over spilt milk
Instead invite a kitten to come lap it up and pet it as you find release
There's much stress in life but have courage for you are built of stern stuff
Now go win your dreams, sail on as you explore new seas

Embrace the moment and the churn of emotions it brings
Accept what is, but pray to the God who gives us everything
I love you and know you will win the Kingdom some day
Just find it in your heart and let goodwill lead the way


271 This Man's Best Friend →

Incomplete poem about my best friend and his wish to be reborn a puppy.


273 Carte Blanche →

Jointly written as an engagement gift for my cousin Shoaib. They both very sweetly wrote their own poems with the words we chose to write with that night.