Impelled :: Healing Through Dialogue

From poem #251 - I try to move the reader even more and set out to heal through dialogue and words

Sophie, 23 Jan 2021
Healing, Find that Fulcrum [and Push!]

297 My Prayers

About the same mother - "My prayers that you grow into a source of delight soon... A girl I saw a spark of as her healing put us on the moon"

Rhyme Scheme: Consecutive

My prayers are always with you dear, be safe and strong
Remember the Lord's grace never tests us overlong
A little bumpy the ride may be for a short while more
But your ship will soon glide into a safe port ashore

My prayers are that you find a peaceful joyous life
No new pain will ever reign, rather you know no strife
Look after that son of yours, hold him up most high
I know the years have taken their toll, don't ask why

My prayers are that you come to peace with your past
That you clean the slate and bind the good to ship's mast
Its time to remember the poet who said to rest in reason
Shake like a tree in God's forest and move in passion

My prayers that you grow into a source of delight soon
A girl I saw a spark of as her healing put us on the moon
Be grateful to Aruna aunty and those who've been a part
Of your journey, remember don't let thorns rip you apart

My prayers you set yourself free and soar to the heavens
From where you see life is wondrous - through God's lens
Our soul is one with utter divinity, it feels this each night
Heal! And let an angel like Ambi rescue you from plight

Collection: fulcrum

Category: Healing


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About a mother and son who "Together they help people find a way out of any malady... That wisdom or vidya is her gift to times such as these"



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Wriiten when a matriarch was called to Eden above and how her Umbrella continues to protect her family.

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