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From poem #251 - I try to move the reader even more and set out to heal through dialogue and words

Sophie, 4 Jan 2021
Healing, Find that Fulcrum [and Push!]

285 Mistreated

Ah, dear Soph - "No matter whether they seem they will engulf you in sadness and terror... There will come a brighter day when you will smile again and move on"

Rhyme Scheme:

Linda it was who sang that she'd been cheated
Been mistreated - oh when is it that you will be loved?
I think often of you kanna and worry about your past
Coming back to haunt you just as you were building a home

Change your ethos and find the courage to go on even if alone
Children have a way of giving us strength to face and beat the odds
So don't be upset, rather gather strength from your joy streaked past
Give yourself the love and knowing necessary to heal your troubles

No matter whether they seem they will engulf you in sadness and terror
There will come a brighter day when you will smile again and move on
I don't know how to comfort you and heal you of current maladies
But I do think my ideas to meet those 2 specialists would help

So consider this as a small step you can take on the road to healing
Just know that you are special to all of us and that we care.
A friend offered that you could stay with her if needed in Coimbatore
And another that he would make the time to speak to you daily

So remember that we love you and pray for you to find the strength
To turn your life around and find the strength to heal others in turn
Remember if you know not which way to turn - just simply look inside
And you will find a warrior healer with plenty of courage at her side

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How I look forward to knowing you better - "Stand forth to center and be called out in loving honour... You stand tall, dwarving us with your immense stature... I've been jaded by the wall of pain that surrounds all... The people I love, perhaps it's my turn to stand tall!"


Father Mine

286 Father Mine →

Written as I painfully miss my dad and want to have him back so we can both "serve humanity" as we individually strove to do so.

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