Impelled :: Healing Through Dialogue

From poem #251 - I try to move the reader even more and set out to heal through dialogue and words

Father Mine

286 Father Mine

Written as I painfully miss my dad and want to have him back so we can both "serve humanity" as we individually strove to do so.

Rhyme Scheme: Blank Verse

Father mine, yesterday I held you to my bosom
The day before you held me as I took my first step
It seems now I'd forgotten the sound of your voice
I do remember driving around town on various work

How you kept yourself busily immersed in action
And how sometimes we'd yell at each other with force
But no force or stupid word ever stopped us loving
In our own ways - each other and this beautiful life

We've both tried to serve humanity to the fullest full
I wish I'd had more time to absorb your resplendence
Perhaps the biggest lessons of all you're yet to share
As from behind the veil you guide my every care

Father mine, I do remember your gentleness and poise
It's time for me to take up the slack, find my own voice
I'll look for a sliver of you everywhere in all that I do
Help others as you did, keep them from feeling blue

I've been an overgrown baby I know it's time to grow
Perhaps its better this way for now I'm mindful of you
There's a beautiful life out there to embrace with a glow
Now that you are in my heart, I'll never again be blue


285 Mistreated →

Ah, dear Soph - "No matter whether they seem they will engulf you in sadness and terror... There will come a brighter day when you will smile again and move on"


287 Band of Poets →

On a WhatsApp group, I began with "I joined a group of people - we all shared one thing in common... 'Twas a love of words, words that spoke to a body's heart... We drenched ourselves in poetry for that fueled our imagination... We'd speak of the human condition - this dialogue was our art"