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Impelled :: Healing Through Dialogue

From poem #251 - I try to move the reader even more and set out to heal through dialogue and words

279 December

On the Occasion of my cousin Shoaib's wife's birthday.

Rhyme Scheme: Consecutive

We started a movement recently, it says to dance to the rhythm of the soul
Find a partner, get off your feet, dance till you're dizzy and again feel whole
Sometimes the dancing helps to regain circulation from waiting too long
To dance again. Under the stars, awaken the world with an enchanting song

Don't feel numbed by life my dear friends, there's still much beauty to find in it
The roses may seem to have lost their colour, but love will abide - so stay fit
The romantic in you now finds reasons bigger than yourself to live life grand
I say to you, cuz to be honest with yourself, then expectantly take her hand

Some days we're ecstatic, some days disappointed, some days grief strikes us
But remember the buoyancy of the spirit and Get Rhythm and live joyous - no fuss
For the secret to living life is in knowing there is beauty in it in every moment
So let your soul sing to the heavens, even when there's heart wrenching torment

I should now say - two roads converged in a picturesque wood - and as traveler
Long I stood waiting to see how you two would fare upon it - so cuz, hold her
And make what you can of this wonderful life, for time flies and you're so dear
So be joyful and dance to the movement of the stars, you'll be fine have no fear

And you, sister dear, take good care of your partner, help him find good cheer
As you two ride life's rollercoaster, remember to stop and look at the deer
For it's nature whose innate beauty can awaken in us, a passion for her song
Be excellent to each other - live an extraordinary life, which to you should belong


278 Covid Times →

2020 with its pandemic in perspective - "We're done with the old ways of utter callousness and unfeeling... Being cooped at home, we've gotten past crazy and begun healing... It's a little rough but we're now starting to appreciate family... There's been friction but we learn to enjoy the other's gaiety"


Rock Bottom

280 Rock Bottom →

For a friend who was feeling low, in the hope that he will cause a change in the trend.