Inspired :: Shedding Inhibitions

From poem #501 - I keep whittling away, trying to improve the craft

504 Tail

Another moving piece of advice to humanity to "dig deep and suck out all the marrow of life".

Rhyme Scheme: Consecutive

Wake up boys n girls lest you find disappointment at the tail
End of your lives for living with no gumption and fail
To lead a life stellar and slowly grow in your ability
To impact the lives of kith and kin. Overcome disability

And remember to dig deep and suck out all the marrow of life,
For when we choose to journey high and combat strife,
We may come to realise that everything we really needed
Is here. Remember kindness and let the commandment be heeded

Which says to love your neighbour. Let's pull our weight
And seek to love, not be caught in a cauldron of hate.
What say folks, ye should know that time is running out on us all.
So let's forget our petty past rather be our giant selves proud and tall.

Reflect daily on your highs and lows then plan out things well
For life is about being jubilant as animated by a church bell.
Join a band of tightly knit individuals that ye may find
Ways to delight each other - find a way out of this bind.

Turn upwards to our maker and ask him for daily strength
To run the gauntlet of life, be prepared to go to any length
In service of him, doing all that he has commanded us to do
Living life to the full that one day we'll have run our race and can bid a hearty adieu.


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About the human race that should "discover the light and we walk elated and tall".