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Impelled :: Healing Through Dialogue

From poem #251 - I try to move the reader even more and set out to heal through dialogue and words

300 Country Roads

Thinking of me the programmer building an app a whole country could use - "Think of transparency, mutual good will and sincerity as paramount... And imagine if technology could in this serve as our mount"

Rhyme Scheme: Consecutive

I'm a content architect, I work with information for a living
I tire of it's use for business gain, my heart is more giving
I dream of a way to engineer a way out of humanities mess
When we will start living in harmony instead of a life of cess

To a country, the services it provides it's citizens is all important
Also their bonding with others - in this my belief is adamant
We need to look beyond the daily problems, niggles and chores
Sit and pull in a brighter future, to it open up our doors

Can technology help? A million times, yes but is that our intention
Or are we fated to use it to divvy up the loot and exploit a whole nation?
Humankind, weigh your actions carefully with the metre of your conscience
Your children are watching, hoping you wont disappoint with lack of sense

Everyone knows love and only love is the best show in town
Love much, laugh often, and I promise you'll never frown
Think of transparency, mutual good will and sincerity as paramount
And imagine if technology could in this serve as our mount

Our faithful horse who aids it's master to serve society well
I pray for that day - when sites and apps will goodness sell
Country roads, a place where we go to feel that spirit of oneness
Where civil servants, companies and charities transform worldly mess


299 Ten Points →

RD - Romance: "I can love you forever, show I'm made of tender stuff... As causes a symphony of joy to course within you... 10 points lover, and let each day bring me nearer to you"


301 Knit Knit →

About knitting memories inthe tapestry of lives,this poem tells of granny who lived through ww II but whose spirit remained unconquered till the end and who left me a number of things each of which rekindles a treasured moment