Impelled :: Healing Through Dialogue

From poem #251 - I try to move the reader even more and set out to heal through dialogue and words

301 Knit Knit

About knitting memories inthe tapestry of lives,this poem tells of granny who lived through ww II but whose spirit remained unconquered till the end and who left me a number of things each of which rekindles a treasured moment

Rhyme Scheme: Alternate

Grandma had the paraffin lamp used during raids over England
It reminded her of the terror from which she learnt to value life
She knew to value life and care for her health, she'd a feather band
Part of a dreamcatcher that took away bad thoughts and strife

Her knitting needles still stick out of a basket of thread and wool
My Mother still wears the scarf Gran made when she caught cold
We think mindful motherhood that slows us down is so cool
Knit for 3 weeks, your thoughts will slow, though you wont feel old

She and Grandpa had loved the elements, their porch had cozy couches
He used to sit and play scrabble with her on inlaid bits he'd tooled
She had a jar of all the baseball tickets, oh how they loved the matches
They knew life's secrets, and with simple faith they were never fooled

For their honeymoon they'd been to Venice and to Tuscany
I see the candy jars he bought her then to steal her heart away *1
In Tuscany they saw the statues of David and Lorenzo di Medici
The jars, memory of another life, are now filled with my son's clay

David *2 left a lasting impression and Gran had her hand at sculpting
Ecclesiastical objects she carved, on many silent and holy nights
I wear now her silver ring and wonder at the joy to us she did bring
I'm sentimental about all the things she left which to me are delights

*1 Jim Reeves song
*2 Michelangelo's masterpiece


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Thinking of me the programmer building an app a whole country could use - "Think of transparency, mutual good will and sincerity as paramount... And imagine if technology could in this serve as our mount"


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Help our kids develop their talents,smoothly change their gears.