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Impelled :: Healing Through Dialogue

From poem #251 - I try to move the reader even more and set out to heal through dialogue and words

304 Void

To explode into action, fill the void and be merry in any weather.

Rhyme Scheme: Consecutive

I have a friend who's displaced and disoriented, but she tries not to be blue
She feels an irreplaceable void at all the sadness and grief she's been through
She's lost in love and lost good friends... and lately she's lost her mother
The blackness comes in waves as more sad memories, her does bother

But she's a fighter, she's resilient - a quality I saw when I became her friend
Life may seem to have a stranglehold on her but she knows how to mend
She's a teacher now - with children all day - a charge she holds sacrosanct
She appreciates the value of commitment and does not complain or vent

She's made of stardust and WILL NOT BUCKLE to a life that throws all askew
You see, her roots go deep in the much tilled values of this land - I knew
the earth shaking power of that line "Satyam Eva Jayathe" - She speaks truth
Therefore, her triumph is guaranteed, wow, the way she reached to her youth

I'd do well to take a few pages from her book, as I try to teach children my way
A total randomness to my approach but build on imagery and story I say
Dedicated Teachers each have a unique style that is a wonder to behold
So break the rules in your class and instead give each child a toe hold

To cling on to as the spirit at their kernel that consumes them, for passion
At things read, heard or experienced is what made me joyous as a fountain
Wisdom is handed down by generation to generation and its our time
To explode into action, fill the void and be merry in any weather / clime


303 Devakalam →

Look to your lordand let hisheaven manifest faster.


305 WOW →

I ll help you instead of reeling from the light.