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Impelled :: Healing Through Dialogue

From poem #251 - I try to move the reader even more and set out to heal through dialogue and words

305 WOW

I ll help you instead of reeling from the light.

Rhyme Scheme: Blank Verse

Wish On, World

Ideas for groups and centres - to trigger the world to wish on, and help each other achieve those wishes.

I wish I were nicer to the people I love, not hotheaded
I wish, we could all work together, our hands steadied
I wish that more people could live in evolving sunlight
What if there's people striving to vanquish our night?

I wish I had paid more attention to lectures in school
I wish I'd skilled myself instead of trying to appear cool
I wish I'd friends with me, with whom to enjoy and learn
What if there were places that could help you to earn?

I wish that my parents had more health in their youth
That raising us children had filled them with mirth
That there had been someone to lend them a hand
What if our extended families would by us stand?

I wish no one would feel sad that by society neglected
That heroes sprang forth and no one felt defeated
That truly we used our second hand to help each other
What if movements would simply bind us together?

Wish on, world, bring your troubles to me tonight
I'll help you heal, instead of reeling from the fight
Wish on my dears, band together and find delight
Remember in peace and love, there is radiant light!


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To explode into action, fill the void and be merry in any weather.


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The call of birdsweave their bright magic upon our soul,the city couldnt mend us but nowout here we're wholw.