Impelled :: Healing Through Dialogue

From poem #251 - I try to move the reader even more and set out to heal through dialogue and words

343 Why Not

Sharing a friend's frailer moment

Rhyme Scheme: Consecutive

Why not quit I often wonder when knocked down
Why I'd just jump off a bridge and bloody drown
Then I think of all the joy I have planned for myself
Later in this life perhaps, when I'm at peace with self

Why not give up and damn it all to hell I wonder
The sun seems dreary but I remember past splendour
It makes me bitter at the memory of good times
Then I think of baby, and how to change the climes

Why bother fighting when death is anyway painful
It touches all - Yama claims even the most skilful
Is there a higher purpose than doom in the rat race
Then I sit and wonder how to beat the odds I face

Why should my elven sight dim with pain and agony
I'm chained to my life when I just wanna be left free
Nobody cares, and their darned insouciance shows
How do I get up again, learn to ward off life's blows

The end is harder to face when those who do care
Leave or turn their back, leaving me simply nowhere
Why should I fight, what's the point in my going on
Maybe a song of freedom, this life will help to OWN


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For an old friend as she turns a year older


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