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Impelled :: Healing Through Dialogue

From poem #251 - I try to move the reader even more and set out to heal through dialogue and words

318 Pandu

Pandu - I often think of this noble soul who orchestratd the highs of many a person and team.

Rhyme Scheme: Consecutive

We knew a gent, his name was Pandurangan - he was gentle and softhearted
A humble man, he left a good feeling in all of our hearts which he flooded
With the germs of what made an exceptional human being, hoping we'd sprout
And be excellent to each other as he was to us. Never once did he shout

But was extraordinarily patient with juniours, showing them the ropes
Now I am saddened that his family will miss him, dashed their hopes
That he would live another 10 years, but I pray they grieve not
Beyond a certain time - I too was grieving when my father I lost

But then realized a soul's need to spend some time beyond the veil
Gathering strength and planning ahead, before taking rebirth, hale
and healthy in that afterworld to which we all go. Then a choice
Is made to come back and born they are as a nephew or a niece

Perhaps not blood related but aren't we all one family of this world
I keep looking for a strain of loved ones departed, to feel whole
For I often think of this of other noble soul. Now back to Pandu sir
Who orchestrated the highs of many a person and team. Of him I hear

That nobody ever saw a single negative trait - such was his poise
We lament his passing, as a fraternity that now misses his voice
I spoke of grief - now let's join hands in supplication and prayer
For strength to his family as they think of him soaring ever higher

Brethren of Lodge Fortitude


317 Purchase →

I wish more of ou friendswould grassp the essence of life,learning to live it most merrily.


319 No Quit →

last year i prayed that you be strong and resilient with no quit in you unbreakable like adamantine.