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Impelled :: Healing Through Dialogue

From poem #251 - I try to move the reader even more and set out to heal through dialogue and words

425 Starlit

Another poem for little Eliott as I picture him on long walks with his parents.

Rhyme Scheme: Consecutive

Last baby boy I met was baby blue, I wonder what colours delight you Eliott dear?
Green lawns, blue skies, red engines or yellow ribbons? Are the colours crystal clear?
Narangi, lal, hara, peela, baingani asmani neela - that's the colours of the rainbow,
Here in Hindi. Nous ont aussi verte, bleu, rouge et jaune - the primary colours, you know?

I wonder what's going on in that sweet little mind of yours, are you full of wonder
At the goings on on this pale blue dot? As we care for you, sweet and tender.
Oh Kim, I wish you both every happiness as that boy of your's delights to make noises.
Just show him the sights and sounds, revel in the way he responds to your voices.

My earliest memories are of my mother singing Carpenters' top of the world.
I can still tune out all the noise of the world and hear her voice as my sails unfurl.
You see, this world is a journey, we only have to bring our oars and ropes and sails,
And watch enthralled as we pass a school of fish, porpoises, why even whales!

On some evenings when the three of you look up to the mystery clad skies,
I beg you listen in your hearts for He that holds the world within it's starlit aisles
And watch the Cosmic Dance unfold as He, Lord and She, Queen of Nature dance
To a beat of thunder, look again as the lightning lights up the sky, sends us into trance...

I wish you folks the most mystical of walks with that bright blue perambulator
Out in front and little Eliott's eyes lighting up as he squeals in delight. Yes, sir
That'd be fun to record and play for us as we look at your joy and would bless
You with every tender happiness. Now go demand of life only heavenly bliss!


424 Swing Low →

"I can't think of a gentler soul though firm... To reform heaven, help them cut through the tape... Find the supreme secret *1 as we'd cast away a drape"