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Impelled :: Healing Through Dialogue

From poem #251 - I try to move the reader even more and set out to heal through dialogue and words

277 Fluid

Written for a friend who had just given a presentation on the Bhagaavd Gita, that vehicle of Old Indian Wisdom.

Rhyme Scheme: Alternate

They say "On the face of India are the tender expressions
Which carry the mark of the Creator's hand". I saw a glimpse
Of that mark today, it was a kid speaking of a 1000 suns
Splendid suns as of ancient wisdoms that make such sense

As to resonate within us, leaving us spellbound and enraptured
He knew his subject well, had a practised ease to his talk
The perspectives he gave were well thought out and selected
He uncovered the topic of the Bhagavad Gita, right on the mark

Left us with a picture of its immense beauty of structured thought
I still remember the vibration of it's invocation, the sweet profundity
It conjured images of stalwarts of philosophy and action - not
Your everyday shallow or crooked person, but one who did their duty

Duty with a sense of poise and passion without jostling for its fruit
I do believe we're heading to a day where dharma will again prevail
When Krishna's purposes will be fulfilled and we are no longer mute
Spectators to the violence, rather make the dark forces intents fail

I'm certain this kid with his fluid thoughts will one day reckon
With the best acharyas as he becomes intimate with the rahasyam
That utmost secret that he pursues so, be counted as a beacon
In the grand march back to glory where we reclaim the Daivic Kingdom


276 Again →

A poem that touches raw on the feelings spouses go through when theyre rejected and have little chance to reflect on their own feelings.


278 Covid Times →

2020 with its pandemic in perspective - "We're done with the old ways of utter callousness and unfeeling... Being cooped at home, we've gotten past crazy and begun healing... It's a little rough but we're now starting to appreciate family... There's been friction but we learn to enjoy the other's gaiety"