Impelled :: Healing Through Dialogue

From poem #251 - I try to move the reader even more and set out to heal through dialogue and words

405 Build

Another poem inspired by my Gurus, on the special day when I visited the city they sanctified and hallowed.

Rhyme Scheme: Alternate

After seeing my Gurus in _2011_, _2013_ and _2018_, here is me once again full of thoughts on the way to the place they consecrated and sanctified.

From the line "we are all learners, doers, teachers", it can be inferred that
We are also writers, movers and builders. We build mental structures and
They in turn manifest in the physical plane. Never let your drink taste flat,
Rather, fill your cup to the brim and write the blueprint of you destiny. Mend

Quick from the maladies of our bittersweet past and blossom into the One
Who has no past, and yet knows of the past of one and all and of possible
Futures too. Strive hard to set things in motion, guided by that radiant Sun.
We are not guaranteed of a bright future immediately and yet, it is probable

That if we strive our hardest and learn to collaborate, we can weave the fabric
Of a Life Divine here on Earth (Ea). Perhaps we are only enacting the plans
Of some Divine / Grand Architect with whom we agreed to build brick by brick
The grandeur that can be our tomorrow. Now get up from the sidelines and dance.

Dance on evergreen lawns as the Cosmic Dancer / Goddess did before time
Was established. Equanimity may indeed be the need of the day, and yet emotions
Cascade and eddy within us as we grapple to wrest the meaning of a life sublime.
Focus on the road in front of you, and fight tooth and nail for even small wins.

The Dark Forces are waiting to set upon the steadfast, such is the law of the way,
Yet if our faith is founded in a bedrock of hope and illumined positivity is our nature,
Then glorious will be the battle as we gain inch by inch the LOVE that is here to stay.
So, dear friends maintain poise and a font of dynamism for that should be our stature.


404 Us Two →

Writing with deep romantic feeling again after an age (Or rather, after Dec 1)


406 Amrityu →

For the deathless spirit of a son, gathered by the lord in his tender twenties.