Impelled :: Healing Through Dialogue

From poem #251 - I try to move the reader even more and set out to heal through dialogue and words

358 Four

I want to break free but it seems I lack the nerve, lead the way, help me on green pastures to serve.

Rhyme Scheme: Consecutive

Four short months we've known each other
You really rock and roll is what I gather
I mean your on track and on point as you see
Ways to make parents comfy, help them be

Four score years I wish you'd live so as to
Turn this world into paradise and have dew
Drops in a garden set us all afire, my dear
Won't you consider burning us with your fire

Burn ??away our silly, dark or dreamy selves
Until we're pliable like dough, become loaves
Of the finest bread that only you can cook
Girl, I promise you, I'd change if only you'd look

And see the shell into which I've withdrawn
No talk of that, now to your mission I'm drawn
Four months - I'm still flying high amidst the stars
In reality I'm caught behind self created bars

I want to break free but it seems I lack the nerve
Lead the way, help me on green pastures to serve
As I burn away my penchant for transient things
Four score years, amigo and lets see what life brings


357 Ground Zero →

As I hit "ground zero" at ByTwo Studios, this medley sees me trying to set words to the tune of 5 different Pink Floyd Songs


359 Tether2 →

After all what fun is life unless we have each otheras tether.. So make a stand to uplift each other.