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Impelled :: Healing Through Dialogue

From poem #251 - I try to move the reader even more and set out to heal through dialogue and words

293 Garden

Yavanna - Garden reminded my of the Mrityunjaya mantra and God begging us to have a "victory over death by being in the present... Being ready to leave, grasping onto life which was heaven sent"

Rhyme Scheme: Consecutive

There's a mantra - something about a gardener and a ripe cucumber
I know not the words, but it takes me to a past I do now remember
Something about a victory over death by being in the present
Being ready to leave, grasping onto life which was heaven sent

Let's leave the concrete jungles and traipse onto a lovely farm
Or ashram where service is done to the almighty, we feel warm
As the rising sun causes the dewdrops to evaporate, and hear a bird call
And we see in the distance, mist coming off of an enormous waterfall

Beside a river, there is a forest simply teeming with life, ah Nature
She give us so much gladness, we learn to love her every creature
We play with her at our own peril, but thankfully she is forgiving
She laughs when we try and control what each day should bring

We've despoiled the land and I don't agree with Georgy that
We were put on Earth to make only plastic, lets stop all what
We are doing, and trace our way back a century or two
When we appreciated Nature, and to her spirit were true

Humankind's progress cannot be at the cost of other souls
We're devoid of emotion and still keep filling our greedy bowls
But I sense a wind of change in the air, it's time to soothe Her soul
As we learn sustainability - for that would indeed make us whole


292 Appa →

For my parents - "So fragile our dreams when we know not the way... Today, I am cleansed and freed of a self neglecting past"


294 Mettle →

For a friend and her son who "We're a simple folk, firm as bedrock is our faith in the One... Who will show us a way, help us bid our past a firm adieu"