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Impelled :: Healing Through Dialogue

From poem #251 - I try to move the reader even more and set out to heal through dialogue and words

345 Hey You

Using the Imperative - "Hey You", this poem addresses humanity from the viewpoint of 5 different spiritual figures.

Rhyme Scheme: Alternate


Hey you, do you see this drowning man, will you love him
Hey you, move quick I'm gasping for breath for you see
I jumped into frigid waters to save my consort from harm
Hey you, if you let me drown, then we'll pass from thee


Hey you, awaken from this stupor and see our true Rupa
Hey you, you caused climate change but still we let be
Giving you chance too see your faux pas, love ur brotha
Hey you, why do you still fight, act rapacious with ferocity


Hey you, do you remember the picture of Mother Earth
In the days of your youth, before darkness set upon you
Hey you, as decreed that of love should be no dearth
Hey you, let me descend in your midst and teach a few


Hey you, last time there was much ado and a flood afore
You spared a robber and tortured me for 3 long days
Hey you! Clean up the spill of garbage from the oily shore
Hey you, think of my message of love - be not in a daze

Hey you, did you forget the love with which I rose you
Hey you, quietly did I set the Divine's plans in motion
The sanctioner of all did gather for his purposes a few
Hey you, lets build paradise and end all this commotion!


Let's Plant Mangoes

344 Let's Plant Mangoes →

For a young girl Stuti who is fond of nature


346 Sorrow2 →

With an aside to the sorrow and grief I've seen, I finally advise the dedicated to "Know that in the end you'll find the way back to God - Upbraid him for neglecting you"