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Impelled :: Healing Through Dialogue

From poem #251 - I try to move the reader even more and set out to heal through dialogue and words


337 Reunited

For a dear friend upong the loss of his uncle... Triggered a powerful emotion and thought for all the people we love and the longing to be reunited with them.

Rhyme Scheme: Alternate

When will the veils be parted and us once again reunited with loved ones
Each year without them adds a new depth of sorrow to our somber mood
Siblings, spouses, parents and grandparents, cousins, nephews, nieces, friends
We don't just believe, we know them to still be radiating their inherent good

We cherish the good times, look back with pain at the differences in thought
We long to be together again even if only for a little while when our heart can soar
It seems as if our woe will drown us in a wall of pain as it seems it ought
But an inherent indomitability of spirit returns after a lull, and we give a loud roar

As we once again learn to celebrate life, this time with loved ones remaining
Treasuring each moment as priceless beyond measure, our knowledge of sorrow
Brings us painfully aware of the moment and the time left for love and peace making
For we don't know what the future holds, what highs and lows - how be the morrow.

Go my friend, call out your anguish to your ancestors and loved ones so close
Embrace the feelings of sadness for the lonely people left behind to bear
The riddle of life and the yoke of the years - be especially kind to all those
You know with a family to raise as many have done before - Think where

You will again meet the Dear Departed - on the shores of another universe
Where the spirit is swelling with love and tenderness. Remember to dream
For in our sleep, those veils part for a moment and our heart sings in verse
A praise to the Lord for keeping us together - go cry now or you may scream


336 Teach →

For a dear teacher friend of mine, on her birthday



338 Submission →

For an aunt who has few rivals when it comes to devotion and poise. And how I want her to inspire my students to live in God's Peace and Love.