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199 Warriors

Wake up and live ecstatic, Life can be fantastic.

Rhyme Scheme: Consecutive

Warriors, Imran, 8th March 2020

We are... warriors of light
Let go the nightmares of the night
A new day is dawning
Set your dreams a sprawling

Wake up and live ecstatic
Life can be most fantastic
Live it well - success is yours
Apply yourself to the passing hours

Dream with crystal clarity of a new day
Gather up all your courage up and say
We withdraw our consent from injustice
We will instead grow happy and wise

Warriors can be peaceful too you know
Planting seeds - patiently watching them grow
As a newfound glory replaces the weeds of old
Our hearts are lightened - they're no longer cold

Can we realize a brighter future for one and all
Yes, our finest day is come when we can stand tall
Lets sow the seed of ceaseless toil and boundless love
Watch as our maker smiles with pride from heaven above


198 Ace →

Has a year passed since from our midst you bid adieu.


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This poem is about a friend's brother, a boy who had a heart of gold.