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My first 250 poems are all about various themes that have touched me.

222 Haafiz Prays

Saakhib - Rules abound that bring out the best social order,guided by an inner peace,there's rarely disorder.

Rhyme Scheme: Consecutive

222 Haafiz Prays, 23 May 2020, for Saakhib

One is called Haafiz when they memorize the good book
They become messengers of Allah, have a calming look
Some take on this responsibility at an early sixteen
There's plenty of chapters to learn, in all, one fourteen

Islam is the religion that epitomizes social discipline
Speaks of love for all and makes everyone toe the line
Rules abound that bring out the best social order
Guided by an inner peace, there's rarely disorder

When examining the religions of the world we find
They all teach us to be good, simple, decent, kind
Only warmongers spew hate for those who follow
A different God. We must never listen to or allow

Their words to take root. Love is taught by all
Religions and we must be ready to stand tall
And valiantly exemplify the best we've been taught
By teachers of the good book. We all ought

To remember to celebrate our seeming differences
There can only be one way to live, true to our senses
Do not fall for the lies that seek to divide us wrongly
Rather seek to embrace each other most kindly


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with Longing


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some friends make life something to look forward to,don't evergo again.