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Infused :: Inspired by and Infused to Love

My first 250 poems are all about various themes that have touched me.

187 America

Let's flush out the negative toxins and exercise our collective will

Rhyme Scheme: Consecutive

America, 12th Jan 2020 - for Gary and Alabama

The only country to have been settled after the dark ages
America stands apart, a caring one amidst history's bloody pages
How indeed the west was won, we know by men of utmost integrity
A culture of amalgamated religions and all groups of different ethnicity

How I love thy rocks and rills, thy woods and templed hills
The microcosm where unity is worked out as He wills
Where daily the fruit of positive action is offered to our Lord
And woven into His divine plan, for showing love you set a record

Sixty years since you taught us that all you need is love
Since war protests ended wars, for that end we all strove
We're on the brink of annihilation, on the day the Earth stands still
Lets flush out the negative toxins and exercise our collective will

You break down the cultural barriers, showing Angels Among Us
Pave the way to improve the human condition without a fuss
Lead us oh bough of Holly, let us our warped extremes let go
Help the world saturate on the madness of the freak show

Soon though for we tend to relive our nightmares - so not real
We want to choose our highest right, let go of this past ordeal [...]
It's over now, a warm nurturing future replaces our current misery
I said we'd do it, now its time to tell our children a new story


186 Forever →

A girl to be with forever,who'll weave magic till eternity.



188 Hills →

I constantly think of you,my pulse begins to race.