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My first 250 poems are all about various themes that have touched me.

1 Amore

An early poem and a wakeup for us all to see the beauty in life, overcome worry and live infused with love.

Rhyme Scheme: Prose

What is this life so fraught with care,
We have not the time to stand and stare,

Our heads so filled with worry & troubles
We wish only to look at how other people seem to enjoy our suffering
And forget that their lives are as full of worry if not fuller
We dont realise how akin we are to each other in our misery

And we dullen our sensitiveness until all we see are our own problems
And think life is being unfair / unkind to us
While it is actually simply us who are indeed in love with our own misery
We know not that all it takes is a little understanding

And the realisation that all we need to do is share our problems
And in the talking itself our worries are half dissolved
And for the talking, we gain strength to face the rest of our burdens
For we know that there is a little someone, somewhere who cares

If only we'd stop and stare and see the beauty in life,
For as a man once said:
The beauty in life is in knowing that there is beauty in it in every moment
All we have to do is know that life is beautiful and voila: it is

We shut ourselves inside the sombre walls of our minds,
Darken the windows and refuse to let anyone in
Till we forget what it is like to have the sun and wind on our face
And grow to believe that all there is in life is misery

So what is real beauty in this world? the simplest answer of all:-
Anything that you love is beautiful for that is the truest synonym:- love and beauty

And how do we change this mood?
It takes an instants courage/impulse to tear off the dark drapes from our walls
And open the windows and leap into the fray of life
The very thought of looking at the sun again may frighten us
But the sun, life, beauty and love are all that we shall wither without

So fear not to see the world in its true light again.
Just as we got accustomed to darkness, so shall we to joy
For the true spirit of us yearns to be free
And should take flight if only the windows were open

And we didnt trap it in the dark place we call our minds
And gave our hearts the freedom to love
Love what? well anything that you can
Love is the difference between a poor man and a rich man

The more you love the richer you become
The more you love, the more easy you find it to love
The more you love, the more you love yourself for being an instrument of love
The more you love, the lovelier the world is and the closer to your true self you become

For all we are are a bunch of loving, lovable souls who've somehow forgotten that
Just like we forgot what it was to be in the sunshine
And thought that our dark mood was our true nature
So too, we've forgotten what love is all about.


2 Thank You →

Inspired to write again after 3 years, this one simply shows gratitude to the Lord for things we behold.