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Infused :: Inspired by and Infused to Love

My first 250 poems are all about various themes that have touched me.

238 Dance

the Dancer within

Rhyme Scheme: Consecutive in 4 Lines

238 Dance - 28 Dec + 9 Aug 2020 - For the Dancer within

Dance with spirits lifted until the next lull descends upon you
Know that we are given guardian angels to see us through
Feel the depths to which your heart feels joy and is not blue
Guard those treasured moments which life has not just a few

Plenty springs forth from the bosom of this joyous Earth
Plants growing in the calm serenity, colours bursting forth
I'd give many times my life's worth to spend a day with you
To feel the warmth of being at your side, give me a gentle cue

So I know when to take you aside and drink in your resplendence
A warrior to ride the tide with, let me smell your fragrance
Gods and goddesses we are - given powers unlimited
As stewards we care for Earth - a task to which we're fitted

Each of us holds the spirit of some deity deep within
Makes us connect to this Earth and daily take a spin
A plethora of emotions as from this life we take
But give back plenty as a stream gives to a lake

Go on me children, take as much joy as you can own
Remember to have courage and soon you will be grown
Full of the promise of tomorrow and all She can give
Dance on then, and a blessed life you shall indeed live


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On friendship, making the most of life and the disappointment of unfulfilled dreams


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Written as a friend and I set out to build a company and "let's boldly set out to see just what it is we can do, to leave this world better, like a whiff of mountain dew"