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Infused :: Inspired by and Infused to Love

My first 250 poems are all about various themes that have touched me.

50 Prayer Rebirth

At every death, there is cause to pause and reflect on these, it helps put living in perspective and to celebrate the time we have (left).

Rhyme Scheme: Prose

Dear God,

We pray for all those dear departed souls.

May they have met the moment of death with calm and peacefulness and little or no discomfort, pain or trepidation.

May they have soon realized that they had passed away from us and not look back to us with sadness, attachment or regret.

May their short visit to the world between lives be full of courage, acceptance and daring.

May they not be lured into phantasmal worlds which are hard to come out of.

May they not be too harsh on themselves in judgement of their past birth and their actions therein.

May their time in purgatory / heaven / hell be adequate and productive.

May they choose wisely their next birth (or afterlife) and be granted your Grace.

May they once again become intimate with life's secrets, never forgetting, no matter the travails.



49 Go Back →

I was thinking about my father and how often we'd like to "Go Back" in time, especially when as we grow, we find relationships with loved ones strained.


51 Boy →

For Bharath's son Tejas as I saw him when he turned a year old. "Strewn with moments sublime - An act of love, scented with caring - For all whom you meet and enliven".