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My first 250 poems are all about various themes that have touched me.

My Will

209 My Will

About corrupt politicians

Rhyme Scheme: Alternate

209 My Will, 6 Apr 2010, for Roger Waters

Inspired by

It's so sad you had to kill and gouge and maim
It's time for you to meet my will, now berserk
I'm furious at you for surely driving us insane
It's time to lock you up, and get back to work

Life is wonderful, to see the sun in the morning
To hear the wind howl through the chimney
We want you to change but are still doubting
Whether there's love in your hearts for humanity

Selfless leadership is what we need to win the day
So join together and oust these clowns who rob us
Give us nothing but broken rocking horses* to play
In our time of need, let's will them away, no fuss

We see through your illusions and sleight of word
It's time you met our will which indeed shall prevail
I dont no how, the way seems unclear - but oh Lord
Your wrath shall make their ugliest designs fail

Can I show love to those devoid of love, filled with hate
Yes I can, but after I take from them the ability to maim
Let's act now, exercise our will before its too late
Be a force for good, concentrate and become the flame