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My first 250 poems are all about various themes that have touched me.

210 Holy Night

In Ramzan

Rhyme Scheme: Consecutive

210 Holy Night, 9th Apr 2020, In Ramzan

Another silent night passes, this one spent in prayer
A year older, my heart more careworn and frailer
All is calm, all is bright, lead us from dark to light
Let us remember to always fight the good fight

We remember you Lord in our trying times here on Earth
We ask you to receive tenderly those who lie in death
We ask you to give courage to those who survive
Give us strength to face hardship and yet thrive

You always implored us to follow faithfully our heart
To have courage to reach the finish once we start
Let's all start, becoming Divine for in us is the potential
To build here Heaven on Earth, build it especially well

We pray Lord to rise upon the wings of the eagles
To gather your bounty, fill our little cup with thrills
We're frail, and fleeting is our life but grant us this
To remember Thee, have always Thy name on our lips

We pray for family, friends and the souls of those gone
We seek to thrive upon your fertile land, watch the dawn
Light up the sky in shades of gray. We ask for your grace
And unerring aim as we rush forth to complete the race


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