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My first 250 poems are all about various themes that have touched me.

211 Maya

for Maya and Shabana

Rhyme Scheme: Alternate

211 Maya, 13 Apr 2020, for Maya and Shabana

Mama says the light of a million galaxies are in your eyes
That you come from a place full of blue light, a skywalker
Have you come to this Earth to tear off our disguise?
And realise our part in this grand cosmos - beings of fire

I've waited 9 years to say hello to you my dearest Maya
I believe you have much to teach me about this life
Your mother I named long back after the spirit Gaia
For she once freed my heart from sorrow and strife

I see the Sun shining in the distance, yet another star
Set in place by He who wove the necklace of the suns
I see a light shining in your eye, reflected from afar
And wonder at the joyful creature you are, loved tonnes

By those of us who know what it is to raise bundles of joy
Like my own niece whom I hope some day will meet you
When you two will win over the human race who'll enjoy
Moments spent amongst the stars, delightfully few

Then they shall come back to Earth with fresh perspective
Knowing the journey is inwards where we toil to find
The kernel of bliss where we find Amritham and live
Immortal, for we'll be at once our utmost sincere and kind



212 Jukebox →

Some people sleep alonenot taking a lover to bed - when will I stop this jukebox,find someone to wd.