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My first 250 poems are all about various themes that have touched me.

234 Going the distance

let your dreams hold sway,be prepared to go the distancefor then will life have deep resonance.

Rhyme Scheme: Consecutive

234 Going the distance, 20 Jul 2020, For Dad

We're given a couple of decades in which to learn
To stand on our own feet - stand tall and earn
A living in this wonderful world where we get to bring
In a breath of fresh air - fresh as a mountain spring

When I was young and foolish, many years did I waste
Without speaking to my father - I judged him in haste
I think now of the time when I failed to make the most...
I can't turn back the clock, and now that beacon I've lost

A year has passed and I'm yet to find my own ground
I look hard to make sense of all the lessons I've learned
Or havent learnt for we always think we'll have more time
To find the riddle of life and let our lives become sublime

There's a story about a father and son - its about the son
He was asked to build a field where players could have fun
When his deceased father visited this field of dreams
He saw him in fresh light, and found healing it seems

There's lessons in that movie about a farmer named Ray
About how important it is to let your dreams hold sway
It says you should always be prepared to go the distance
For then will life, with this universe have deep resonance


233 Canada →

Canada, help us take a giant leap forward, and dream, until in delight we scream.


235 Time →

Touch and tasteeach feeling and I promise you'll find that life is worth living.