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My first 250 poems are all about various themes that have touched me.

145 Oh Father

After losing my father

Rhyme Scheme: Consecutive

Oh Father, Imran, 18th August

Was it only yesterday you walked in our midst
A father to inspire love, one that's sorely missed
Why did you go and leave us in agony
As in life we look for a strain of thee

Please dont fret now as you look down and see
A boy defeated who used to laugh with glee
And wonder if ever he'll awaken people to song
And lovingly, so lovingly guide them along

I hope I'm never equal to pain and pleasure
Though it seems coveted, why I wonder
What did Krishna mean when he said equanimity
While here I hold on to a sliver of my own sanity

For lost I am now without you to guide me
With that toothless smile that ever will haunt me
Please remember that I'll daily do my best
To do justice to life for then you can rest

I think of other friends who've lost a father
Who now lives in their heart pushing them farther
To make of this life something sublime
Love us and help us make sense of life's rhyme


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wishing a friend a new chapter,to make her life splendid and super


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For a couple I know. Begins with some random stuff