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My first 250 poems are all about various themes that have touched me.

224 Goodness

You do help people walk boldlywhen they falter,your goodness shines bright 'helping them alter.

Rhyme Scheme: Alternate

224 Goodness, 29th May 2020, for Meggha

You don't often find goodness, pristine pure, around
It's so rare, but from some people it does spring forth
It's missing in the world when instead it should abound
I wonder what special day comes after the fourth

Could it be your birthday my dear good old friend?
Do you remember the days you spread good cheer
I hope that fount of goodness is ever helping mend
The sadness that other's feel when immersed in fear

Fear of a sorrowful ending to the misery that is life
You do help people walk boldly when they falter
By being you, full of cheer amidst all of our strife
Your goodness shines bright, helping them alter

The course of their future. I remember well a decade ago
When we met by chance and fast became thick as thieves
You entered my world and gently made it all aglow
Helped me put aside a painful past, full of autumn leaves

Perhaps now it is I in a position to help you regain
The joyful nature that has always been your true self
For goodness needs more of itself to not be in vain
An angel you are indeed, so smile and find your inner elf


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Jointly with Meggha